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2-Week Unstuck-At-Home Challenge

Jump-start your at-home exercise program with this free 2-week set of progressive bodyweight workouts!

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The Unstuck-At-Home Challenge includes:

> 14 days of bodyweight workouts and rest days

> A mix of strength training, cardio, mobility and mindfulness

> Daily workout reminders, delivered straight to your inbox

> Access to printable PDFs explanations of each exercise

> Additional support to keep you motivated

Exercise is essential – but how do you get started at home?

Let’s face it: being stuck at home can be challenging. Trying to maintain your daily activities without access to equipment or support can be incredibly debilitating, especially when you’re starting from scratch.

To get you past the overwhelm of not knowing what to do, we’ve put together 14 days of progressive bodyweight workouts and rest days that you can tailor to your abilities and kickstart your workouts at home. All you need to do is get moving!

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