Tips for Running Your First Half Marathon

February 1, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Tips for Running your First Half Marathon

Thinking about running your first half marathon? First of all, CONGRATS! That’s an exciting goal! While it may seem a bit daunting now, those 21.1km will be so rewarding on race day if you prepare yourself properly so be sure to follow these tips for running your first half marathon:

1) Give yourself plenty of time to train

There’s nothing harder on your body than asking it to perform a big, strenuous activity that it’s not used to doing. You can easily avoid getting discouraged by overly sore muscles or, worse, by injuries simply by planning your race well in advance and giving your body 12 to 16 weeks to prepare for the big day.

2) Set a schedule and stick to it

Life will always get in the way – that’s a given – but if you’re prepared with a solid training plan with scheduled run and exercise days, you can really increase your motivation to fit in those workouts, regardless of how many other things you have going on in your life. We’re not saying you’ll always be perfect, but you’ll be in a lot better shape (literally!) if you make the effort to schedule things in.

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3) Work in appropriate cross training

While you may be enrolling in a running race, your body is going to need some cross training alongside those short and long runs in the week. Incorporate some days in the gym where you avoid running altogether and, instead, branch out to make friends with resistance training and the stationary bike.

4) Get support from friends and family

Never underestimate the power of a good support group! Even if you can’t convince anyone to actually do the race with you, having people in your life who can encourage you throughout your training or come out on race day to cheer you on can be a huge contributor to your success during both training and the run itself.

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