Nicole Sims


Nicole has spent most of her life being physically active but has experienced first-hand what it’s like when a busy schedule starts to make that difficult. As she reached her mid-30s, Nicole had 2 small children running around and her own freelance design business on the go and could feel that her attention to her physical wellbeing was beginning to fall away.

“As I approached my 40’s I wasn’t loving some of the changes I was experiencing and I became motivated to do something about it. I didn’t make it a secret that I was interested in working with a personal trainer and for my 40th birthday my husband gifted me with some sessions. He had done his research and did a fantastic job in finding someone that really clicked for me and I never looked back!”

After 2.5 years of feeling great, Nicole experienced a challenging family loss and knew without a doubt that the state of her physical health was the one thing that was keeping her mentally sane throughout this time. With that experience, Nicole felt compelled to help others feel as good as she did so that they too could prepare for the challenges that they might encounter in their lives.

“I feel I can help people understand that this journey is a process. I love to help people see that small measurable steps over time can add up to a whole lot of amazing and that they can spread that energy all around their life! It’s a pay it forward kind of thing. I like to take a step back and see that happy people = happy families = happy communities = happy planet. The last part is a big step, but I believe in it!”

Nicole is a major advocate for cancer research and continues to take on personal initiatives to try and help. When she’s not in the studio, you can find Nicole out on a bike ride with her family, working on her design career, or geeking out on how to make traditional recipes more nutritionally dense.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sport Nutrition Advisor (CSNA)
First Aid and CPR