Holly Taylor


Holly received her BA in Psychology from UBC and her MA in Acting from the Arts Educational Schools in London, UK before transitioning into the fitness industry. From personal experience, Holly understands how important it is to view exercise as a way to connect with and feel strong in your body, and uses that insight in her work as a coach to help others see what they’re truly capable of.

More about Holly:

When did you realize you wanted to become a personal trainer?

Having struggled with my own relationship with exercise and my body over the years, I met a trainer who helped me appreciate my body for everything it was capable of, rather than resenting it for not fitting a certain ideal. It turns out it was capable of a lot more than I had thought! Through that process and the freedom it provided me, I knew I wanted to share that with others who were experiencing the same thing.

What are you most passionate about professionally?

Helping people discover a way to approach fitness and health from a place of loving their bodies rather than hating or punishing them.

What are some of your beliefs about keeping fit and staying active?

Your ideal body is the one you have when you are living a happy, healthy, balanced life filled with things you enjoy. Everyone can benefit both physically and mentally from fitness, it’s just about finding something you enjoy. Life’s too short to spend it doing things that make you feel bad. Just because it’s challenging doesn’t mean we can’t have fun! (Laughing engages your core)

What’s your favourite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

Rainy afternoon- baking delicious treats and binge watching true crime or period dramas. Sunny afternoon – coffee and a walk while I lust after other people’s dogs (I really want a dog)


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
First Aid and CPR