Conor O’Flaherty


Conor left his hometown of Belgium in 2016 to experience the scenic Vancouver atmosphere and attend the Kinesiology program at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

Spending time as a student coach at UBC, Conor had the opportunity to work with a variety of varsity athletes across multiple sports and has thoroughly enjoyed the crossover in his transition from working with athletes to personal training clients. Throughout his time working with both groups, as well as from his own experience with knee problems and injuries, Conor understands the importance of making exercise a part of your life so you can maintain your health and continually find ways to feel better and stronger than when you started.

“I’m passionate that every client I work with can find fulfillment and joy in both the training we do and the results they see. I hope to change mindsets and habits of clients that may not necessarily look forward to working out and help create positive habits and a drive to train better.”

Conor loves helping people learn to enjoy the experience of being active and hopes to help clients see how good it can feel when they learn to move their body well.

“I believe that being physically active and enjoying it is a cornerstone in a healthy, happy life. We are meant to run, jump, lift and push, and our activities should reflect that. Working out should be both a hobby and a goal setter and the more you move, the more you will enjoy moving.”

An avid lover of movies and movie soundtracks, Conor likes to spend his time re-watching his favourites from Nolan, Tarantino and Studio Ghibli, slowly learning to play guitar, and spending time at Kits Beach (but more importantly, Siegels Bagels).


Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin) with a Minor in Food Nutrition, University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
Certified Personal Trainer
First Aid and CPR