Bettina Glauser


Bettina joins our team all the way from Switzerland, where she attended the University of Bern and the University of Basel to graduate with a Masters degree in Health and Exercise Science in 2012. With a strong background in movement coaching and contemporary dance, Bettina brings an element of education and flow to her sessions to help people better connect with their bodies and feel more confident in the way they move.

More about Bettina:

When did you realize you wanted to become a personal trainer?

It basically goes back to when it was time to choose my university program, and sport science was really the only thing that made the ranks. It’s just what made (and still makes) the most sense to me: health & movement.

You have to move in order to be healthy and happy, and it’s this innate passion for movement, health and anatomy – connected with my interest for psychology – that pulled together nicely in a movement coach/personal trainer role.

Describe your coaching style

Charmingly challenging.

To me it’s important that I’m successful at educating my clients about their bodies so they can become their own best experts. I aim to support my clients towards a) becoming self-sufficient about their health and needs, and b) towards self-dictated smart choices based on those needs.

I refer to this system as: “filing the gaps”. It’s about identifying where you have gaps, and then filling them with the smartest programming I can come up with. This, paired with supporting my clients to create effective systems, helps empower them to make consistent progress on their journey and creating rewarding outcomes.

The best part of coaching is…

Witnessing people overcome struggles and succeeding at their milestones. Knowing that I’ve contributed some of the building blocks in that journey (even if they’re just tiny ones), is the biggest reward for me and what makes me so happy.

What’s your favourite way to be active outside of the studio?

Does sleeping count? If not: contemporary dancing, yoga, riding my bike, hiking, skiing and snowboarding.

Best piece of advice for someone looking to start personal training?

Be clear with what you want to get out of it. Why are you doing it? What is your purpose and why? This enables you and your coach to be targeted with the approach, which is the best way to create results. It’s what will become the reinforcing cycle for positive change and improving your life.

From there, just give it a go! And don’t be discouraged if doesn’t work out perfectly the first time around. Whatever happens, don’t quit. Maybe you just need another trainer – another personality to work with and the magic will happen.


Bachelors of Science in Sport Science, University of Bern (Switzerland)
Masters of Health and Exercise Science, University of Basel (Switzerland)
TRX Suspension Training Level 1
FRC Mobility Specialist (FRCms)
First Aid and CPR
Preferred household staff award by my cat 🙂