Austin Mao


Austin started in the industry as an athlete, playing and coaching high level volleyball. Through involvement in many clubs and programs, Austin realized how big of a role the coaches, trainers, physios, etc. had on his team and its success.

“Many individuals I consider my life mentors come from a health industry background and they really influenced me to pursue a career in healthcare. Being an athlete, I understand the importance and need to share high-quality training and coaching for everyone – not just athletes.”

Austin exudes a well-rounded approach to fitness, believing in the importance of finding the type of activity that works for you.

“I believe everyone has a need to be fit and active, but that does not mean having to put hours and hours into the gym. It can be something as simple as opting to take the stairs instead of the elevator at work or going for a 20-minute walk everyday, to being that individual who puts the time into the gym. I will never make someone go to the gym specifically because there are many alternatives to leading a healthy lifestyle; however, should you decide to make that life-changing decision, I will be earnestly waiting for you here at Alive and Well Personal Training.”


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (BSc Kin), Dalhousie
BC Association of Kinesiologists
Certified Disability Case Manager
First Aid and CPR