Alice Goss


Originally from London, England, Alice moved to Vancouver to explore living and working abroad. With a personal training and studio management background from the UK, Alice believes that keeping fit should be enjoyable for everyone and that half the battle is just finding what you feel great doing.

“What most excites me is changing my clients view on exercise. Instead of dreading it and seeing it as something you “should” do, it’s showing people how taking time out of their day to work on themselves can feel so rewarding.”

Alice understands that you never know when it can turn around for yourself, as her own fitness journey began when she first signed up for a gym membership with the goal to be able to do just one full push up.

“It was from then on that I found my love for keeping active. I felt better not only physically but mentally too and decided to leave my job and study to be a personal trainer as I wanted to help people feel great too.”

Alice is very happy to call Vancouver her home and still maintains a deep love for travelling. After visiting Australia, South Africa, Thailand and South America, her bucketlist hasn’t become any shorter. She is¬†always on the look-out for her next destination to explore and loves discovering new places and experiencing different cultures.


Focus Awards Level 2 Fitness Instructor
Focus Awards Level 3 Personal Trainer
First Aid and CPR