Side Plank Raises

Exercise, Plank

Side Plank Raise

If you have bad shoulders or aren’t able to support your weight without shrugging, bend your bottom leg and rest your knee on the ground.


  1. Starting in standard plank position, come down onto your forearms and bring your legs together until your heels touch
  2. Shift your weight onto your left forearm and twist your body to bring your right arm up toward the ceiling until you are balanced on your left side
  3. Without shrugging your left shoulder, drop your hips down towards the ground until they just about touch the floor
  4. Draw your core in and lift your hips back up to neutral
  5. Repeat then switch sides

Things to note

  • Be sure that your body is not twisting; you ankles, hips and shoulders should all be in line with each other and should all be stacked (ie. your right hip bone should stay directly above your left hip bone)