COVID-19 Update

Personal Training is still available online!  We will set you up with a fantastic trainer who will give you one on one support through a video call.  We need to keep our health and fitness up during these challenging times and we can help keep your workouts fun, effective and still a priority!

The basics

We know that healthy looks different on every body, which is why we believe that feeling strong, building confidence, and seeing progress should be what fuels us all to get active. As advocates for building a balanced lifestyle, we move the focus of personal training away from numbers on a scale and make your health and well-being our top priority.

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What you can expect

Thoughtfully designed programs

We start by getting to know where you’re starting from and what you’re hoping to experience through exercise. We then create a program that carefully considers your body, your experience and your goals – whether you’re looking to build strength, lose weight or just feel better.

Connected sessions

We want you to feel confident when you exercise so not only do we show you what to do during your workouts, we also explain why you’re doing it. We talk to you like a well-informed friend, not like a clinical practitioner or gym buff, so that you can feel connected, not alienated, while we teach you about your body.

Progression planning

We make every effort to help you make physical activity a regular part of your lifestyle so you can continue to see progress. Whether you’re looking to see us once, twice or three times a week, we cater to whatever plan will help you be the most successful.

Personal Training Options

Private Sessions

One-on-one with your trainer
60 min. sessions
Personalized programming

Semi-Private Sessions

Two-on-one with your trainer
60 min. sessions
Small group programming

Solo Sessions

One-on-zero without your trainer
30 or 60 min. sessions
Access to space and all equipment

Exceptional personal trainers

The right trainer for you is the one who empowers you to succeed and have fun while you do it. After your complimentary consultation, we pair you with the trainer we know will be the best fit for your experience, your goals and your availability.

The extra mile

If you’re working with another health care practitioner like a physio or an RMT, let us know! We’ll connect with them to find out what they’re working on with you so we can provide you with an even more cohesive and consistent experience.

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