Personal Trainer Prices: How Much is My Fitness Going to Cost?

February 19, 2019 - 5 minutes read

personal trainer pricing vancouver

“What is the cost of a personal trainer?”

This is always a big question for new clients when starting the research process for personal training – and we get it. Cost is a big consideration and one that can often dictate which facility you work with and how frequently you’re able to book with your trainer.

As with anything health-related, the results you gain are never just one-and-done so it’s important to ensure that you get what you’re looking for out of the process by developing a starting budget and planning for ongoing personal training, no matter who you decide to book with.

The biggest barrier that makes it challenging to answer the question of how much a personal trainer in Vancouver costs stems from the large number of variables and options that are available to you. That said, hopefully we can still provide you with an idea of some realistic price ranges that most people can expect to spend on personal training in Vancouver.

What is the cost of a personal trainer in Vancouver?

The average rate of a personal training session in Vancouver currently sits at around $80 – $100 per session (plus tax). As with any service, this may increase or decrease depending on the qualifications of the trainer, the facility and the type of training you require.

Private Personal Training

A typical personal training program is structured as such:

• Consultation
• Initial assessment
• Program building
• Ongoing personal training sessions

Your workouts are performed as one-on-one sessions between you and your trainer and are often 60 minutes in length.

Typical price range per private session: $40 – $120 (plus tax)

Semi-Private Personal Training

The semi-private option generally runs the same as the basic personal training structure above but adds a workout partner into your sessions.

This means that your workouts are performed as two-on-one sessions between you, your partner and your trainer, and this allows for a decreased cost per person.

Typical price range per semi-private session: $65 – $175 (plus tax)

*This rate is often split between each participant to bring the rate to ~$32 – $85 per person, per session (plus tax).

Small Private Group Classes

Private group classes are usually structured a bit differently than the two detailed above. These classes generally include 3 – 4 clients to one trainer, making it less focused on each individual’s specific needs and more catered to creating a motivating atmosphere with a set workout.

Typical price range per private group class: $75 – $200 (plus tax)

*This rate is often split between the participants to bring the rate to ~$25 – $50 per person, per class (plus tax).

Pricing breakdown by facility type

As you can see, the price ranges outlined above for any of these services can vary widely, sometimes with a difference of over $100 from the least to the most expensive option.

You’re going to see these differentiations based on the facility, the background of the trainer and any additional services that might be included in your program. You’ll likely find each pricing model based out of the following facilities:

Lower-end pricing: Local community centres
Moderate pricing: Lifestyle studios
Higher-end pricing: Exclusive training studios or high-end gyms

Prices for other options

Most personal training programs can be supplemented with support services targeted towards weight loss, rehabilitation or lifestyle changes. For these options, you might expect to pay the following:

Nutritional support: $90 – $120 per session
Lifestyle coaching: $50 – $350 per session
Physiotherapy: $75 – $180 per session (variable from 30 to 60 minutes)
Registered massage therapy (RMT): $65 – $160 per session


Though the above rates are simply generalizations current to 2019, we hope this will help you get a better idea of personal training pricing in Vancouver and provide some insight as to what you can expect once you begin the research process.

If you’re looking to get started with a personal training program, we’re happy to help you get set up!