Helping people feel great

Our purpose is to help you feel great – not just on the surface or in the short-term, but in a way that inspires you to develop a positive and lasting relationship with living well.

How do we do that? By connecting with you to find out what’s important to you and how we can help you bring regular activity into your current lifestyle. We then create and carry out programs that are designed with your body, your goals and your motivations in mind and work with you to build tools and resources that will help you succeed long-term.

Values we live by

We’re proud to uphold our four guiding values that make us who we are:

Create meaningful connections

We develop meaningful relationships with our clients that help them make positive connections within themselves and experience exercise differently.

Build upon experiences

We focus on continuing to progress and educate our clients in a way that sets them up for ongoing success.

Find your groove

We teach our clients to embrace challenges in their bodies and in their lives to find a healthy balance between stability and mobility.

Make an impact

We keep information simple and accessible to empower clients to create authentic and long-term lifestyle changes.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Giving Back

We understand that true health is all-encompassing, and that includes the mental aspect just as much as the physical one.

To support this side of health, all of our fundrasing efforts go towards the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA), with special contribution to the Vancouver-Fraser branch.

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