30 Day Hydration Challenge

January 10, 2015 - 9 minutes read

I saw a post on Facebook about what drinking 3L of water a day can do for you and your skin. I immediately thought we need to re-post this so that our clients can see it but then I started to think “how do I prove just how important this really is, and can it REALLY make that drastic of a difference?”

SO I decided that I was going to be the poster girl for you all…and here we go, and if I am late for any of our sessions in the next month you know it is because I had to make a pit stop for a bathroom break.

I am so excited to start this!


I have been feeling very sunken in, wrinkly and blotchy with my skin, have had a lot of headaches lately and have been feeling tired all the time. Now I think I drink lots of water in a day (at least 1.5L), but this month I am going to record that amount and make sure that it’s no less than 3L every day.

What I learned after Day 1:
When you don’t normally drink that much water, you have to visit the washroom A Lot!!!  I think I set a new personal best today of 15 times…and that was just from when I started the challenge at noon. Wish me luck that I can make it through the night.

Week One

So week one has come and gone. I settled pretty nicely into the routine of drink, pee, drink, pee…you get the idea. I did have 2 days of the flu but was still able to get in my water without much issue.

Overall, I’ve noticed that I’m thirsty when I don’t drink (which is a really nice reminder), I feel fuller most of the time and it’s making me want to eat better (now that I can eat again).

Someone said to me (after using the washroom for the 3rd time in the 3 hours I was at their place) that all good things have to come with something that is a bit of an inconvenience, otherwise we wouldn’t appreciate them as much…and going to the washroom more often is a trade off I am totally willing to take if it means I can look and feel better every day.

Week Two

I have to say that making sure I take in at least 3L of water a day has become something I just HAVE to get done and it has been a really fun daily challenge. Washroom breaks have levelled themselves off and I am just getting used to going more often.

I have noticed that my skin looks like it has more of a glow to it; this I am really liking.  I am having less breakouts and when I do have them they are very small in comparison.

I am not as hungry as I used to be. I haven’t lost any weight, but nor have I been trying to. What has made me notice the hunger is before when it was time for me to eat (every 2-3 hours) I would be feeling tired and get a headache.  I notice that when I do get hungry now, it is not being preceded by the headaches and tiredness.

Week Three

So I was starting to get a little skeptical about if this water thing was really making that big of a difference (in comparison to the article I read).  Although I was feeling some changes when I was looking at myself in the mirror I wasn’t all that convinced.  THEN, I took a picture of myself (see below).

Now let me start with the fact that seeing your own face this close up is NOT the easiest thing to look at regularly and it has taken everything in me to not take them off the site.  ALTHOUGH, now I am a believer!!!  Look at the difference in my skin tone, colour, and glow from week one.

Can’t wait to see the final one-month photo! I’m hoping it will be one I can be proud to show off.

Week Four

Well hallelujah!!  Here are some of my final thoughts:

I can’t stress enough just how important water is to us – our bodies need it to stay healthy, young and energized.  Since I have been consistent with it, my skin glows more, I have less fine lines, I have had less headaches, I am less fatigued, and I overall just feel like my body is happier with me.  Now I am not saying it has cured everything and that I am still sometimes getting headaches (which I often think is just because my ponytail is too tight), and I am still tired at times, but that’s just because I haven’t had enough sleep.

What I do know is that I am planning on sticking with this.  I have made it easy for myself; I have my water bottle that I know I need to drink 4 of before I go to bed,  I drink 1 while I am getting ready in the morning before I leave for work, I drink another one before noon, a third between noon and 3 and the final one in the evening. DONE!!  It’s just that easy.

I am so happy that I took this challenge. I realized doing something consistently made me feel good about myself, it didn’t take a lot of my time, and I have now created a new habit.  AND, for all of you that think this is too big of a challenge for you and you can’t do it, I look forward to seeing you in another 5 years when I am looking younger and younger, and you keep trying those $150 face creams and getting frustrated as to why they don’t work.  We need to treat ourselves well from the inside out, NOT the other way around.

The Results

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The Take-Away

1) Be patient and consistent – after week 2 when I was hoping the changes would be more drastic I was a little discouraged, but I kept going and stayed true to my 3 L.  Now that I have kept going I really realized that I was being unrealistic to think that after just 2 weeks of drinking 3 L of water, I could reverse the damage I had done to myself by my lack of water intake for the last 20 years.  Sounds pretty silly when you think about it logically.

2) Taking photos is a must – when you look at yourself every day it is SO hard to see the changes coming along.  It was only when I looked at myself outside myself that I could see the progress I was making.  So, my advice to you is to take that before shot.  Otherwise you truly will never know and then find some way to doubt.