Art & Kevin Improved Their Fitness To Promote Healthy Aging

November 20, 2020 - 5 minutes read

How Art and Kevin built their confidence to hit (and surpass) milestones they never thought were achievable.

Why did you initially start exercising with a personal trainer?

Art: “I’ve always wanted to exercise but I don’t particularly like going to the gym so we thought the at-home sessions might work better for us.”

Kevin: “I became aware of Janet as a trainer through several work colleagues that she had helped in their quest for wellness. Knowing that Arthur had always wanted to keep in shape, family genetics being what they are, I said I think it’s time to start with a personal trainer.”

What were your biggest concerns prior to starting to work out?

Art: “I have some medical issues and complications from medications that left me with no feeling in my legs, particularly one leg where there’s no feeling at all from the knee down to the foot. I was always concerned that I wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things because of that and I was always concerned about falling. I was hoping to gain some confidence and security in being able to work through that.”

Kevin: “For myself it was more of a general fitness issue. One of the people I worked with was quite obese and preparing for gastric bypass. Janet was working with her and I saw a remarkable transformation in this woman in a matter of 6 months. It was an eye-opening moment to see that, being in our 40s at the time, we could be healthy and work on our cardiovascular, weight control, muscle toning. I didn’t realize that all those things were still within our grasp. Looking at some of the other people we worked with and some of our relatives who didn’t work out, it made me realize that I didn’t really want to be there in my later years so the time to start is now – and it was a wise investment.”

How has Alive & Well helped you overcome those challenges?

Art: “Alive & Well has helped me gain the confidence to work through the issues with the numbness in my leg and to be able to say hey, I can do this and it’s not impossible. I always believed that I wasn’t sure I could ever do that so it really has worked to help me through that.”

Kevin: “The way that Janet in particular has encouraged us, taking into account that a 50 or 60 year old body doesn’t work the same way as a 20 year old body does – the joints are different and there are all sorts of physiological changes. Janet and her other trainers have a unique understanding of the challenges we have in our later years and always encourage us in just the right way – it’s never too easy or too hard. She inspires us to do what she knows we can do.”

What do you find yourself doing now that you never thought you would be able to do?

Art: “I can actually do things now that I could never do before, like balancing on a stability ball on my knees. I can do hammer curls while kneeling on a ball. I can stand on one foot, which I could never do before. It’s amazing what I’ve been able to accomplish through Janet’s guidance and encouragement and pushing – which she does in a very beautiful and gentle way. And sometimes a little not-so-beautiful, but that’s good too…sometimes we need that.”

Kevin: “The things that Janet inspires us to be able to do…it’s the improved cardiovascular for me and, as Arthur says, being able to balance on a ball – it was impossible for him to do that in 2007. Things like that I never thought I would be able to do but it turns out it is possible.”

Any tips or advice for anyone considering trying personal training?

Art: “If you’re not feeling very confident, just give yourself that little push to give personal training it a try. If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work for you, but I would really be surprised if it didn’t. The people that we’ve dealt with at Alive & Well are all so positive, so encouraging and so motivating that you just want to keep up with it.”