Karen Changed Her Lifestyle To Improve Her Energy

January 29, 2016 - 5 minutes read

Karen Shah (1)

Karen has been our longest standing client of 16 years now and, to this day, continues to inspire us through her bright attitude toward her health, her life, and her future. Her dedication to her well-being is truly infectious and there is nothing that makes her feel more confident than loving herself and treating her body well, both inside and out.

Karen is walking proof that success in living well comes from the right mix of exercise, eating well and having the right mindset towards why you’re making the choice to be active. We sincerely hope that all of our clients get the chance to meet Karen at some point because she will surely light up your life as much as she has lit up ours.

A bit about Karen

Hello my name is Karen Shah and I am so happy at this stage in my life. My goal in my forties was to feel emotionally, spiritually, and physically balanced and at age forty-eight I feel I have achieved this. I am so grateful for joining the Alive and Well Personal Training team and Janet Archibald has been a huge inspiration to me and has helped me learn to love life.

Karen Shah (3)

When did you realize it was important to take care of your health?

I started training with Janet sixteen years ago and I was a completely different person back then. During that time I worked two jobs and I dealt with issues from having an intolerance to certain foods. I was addicted to sugar and Janet and I still laugh about how I would look for doughnuts at the end of my work day and how I used to consume three desserts a day.

What did you find to be your biggest challenge when you starting embracing a healthier lifestyle?

I work as a server in the hotel industry and desserts are always easy to find. I thought I could eat whatever I wanted and if I worked out I would be fine. I have always been fit and have always played sports. I really needed the support I gained from seeing Janet and I really needed a better system. She helped me find balance and discipline and I eventually started to see a Naturopathic Doctor and deal with my food allergies.

Karen Shah (2)

What is your favourite type of workout?

I love to run and in the last few years I have run two half marathons. I work out with the TRX system and I love it because I can work out at home and I can also work out outside in the park.

What do you love about living in this city?

I live in North Vancouver and it is absolutely amazing when I can work out and look up at the beautiful blue sky, gorgeous tall trees, and incredible flowers. I also run through the park and in an area where the streets are so quiet and I can always find hills to challenge myself.

How has living a healthy lifestyle affected your life?

I now have a happy marriage and my husband and I have been together for twenty years, married for eleven years. I have a healthy relationship with his family and my family and I look forward to going to work; to my one job. I have more energy and I feel amazing every day.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am from Nova Scotia and I am able to travel home once or twice a year. I work at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel and I have been there twenty years. I am very lucky for I get to travel a lot and take wonderful vacations. Thank you Janet for helping me discover this new life and the pure joy and happiness I feel every day.