The Best Products To Help You Recover After a Tough Workout (Or Long Day Of Sitting)

August 18, 2020 - 7 minutes read

Whether you’re working up a sweat at the gym or working long hours at a desk, your muscles are undergoing stress and could always benefit from a little TLC. By incorporating a regular routine of self-myofascial release (or self-massage) into your day, you can help to relieve those tight spots along your muscles to reduce pain and keep your body moving well.

Here are 7 products to add to your Amazon cart to help you recover after a tough day at both the gym and the office:

  1. Foam roller
  2. The stick
  3. Trigger point massage ball
  4. Trigger point peanut ball
  5. Spikey ball
  6. Massage gun
  7. Shoulder massager
  8. Epsom salts

1. Premium Medium-Density Foam Roller

A great way to start your recovery routine is by using a foam roller to massage through the large muscles of your body. This medium-density roller is soft enough to allow you to relax as you roll through those tight areas, but dense enough to not break down too quickly with use.

Muscles that really benefit from foam rolling include your quads, hips, lats and upper back. Try going through a full-body foam rolling routine to roll through those tight areas after a workout or find the trigger points in your muscles and use your breath to relax.

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2. “The Stick” SG-2000 Marathon Stick

Some muscle groups are a bit tricky to hit with a foam roller and may instead benefit from a slightly different approach. The Stick is a handy tool that you can use on yourself, or on a partner, applying as much or as little pressure as you need to get a good, deep-muscle massage.

After a tough workout (or a long day at the office), try using a stick roller to relieve tension through your shins, calves, neck and traps.

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3. Sports Medica Trigger-Point Lacrosse Massage Ball

Still finding a couple tight spots that are tough to pin-point? A great tool to dig into those stubborn knots is a lacrosse or massage ball. The medium-hard density of this product allows for a little give while working to release the trigger points throughout your body.

Use this tool against a wall or while lying on the floor to create as much or as little pressure as you need to massage through the traps, low abdominals, hip flexors and calves.

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4. Sports Medica Trigger-Point Peanut Massage Ball

Looking for something to target those tricky spots along the mid-section of your back? This double lacrosse ball (or “peanut ball”) is designed to massage through the muscles of your back without slipping side to side and potentially aggravating the spine.

Use it while leaning against a wall or increase the pressure by laying on top of it and feel those trigger points melt away.

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5. High Density Spikey Massage Ball

Another often-forgotten area of the body to focus on releasing is along the bottom of your feet. This spikey ball is great for stimulating the nerves along the base of your foot and can be used to break up the sticky spots along tight tendons.

Engage in a self-propelled foot massage while sitting at your desk or add some additional pressure by standing and shifting more of your weight onto the tool.

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6. Wattne Massage Gun

Want to really get into those pressure points? While this device may look intimidating, a massage gun uses percussive massage therapy to release muscle soreness and reduce strain. With multiple speeds and the ability to put as much or as little pressure as you need to work through your tight muscles, this product is great for anyone from professional athletes to beginner exercisers.

Use this massage gun to get into tight hips, relieve shin splints, or partner up and work through upper trap tension.

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7. Naipo Neck and Shoulder Massager (with heat)

When tension really starts building up throughout the neck and upper shoulders, this electric massager really does the trick. Place the massage area across the back of your neck and slide your hands into the stirrups then use as much or as little downward pressure as you need to break up those tense muscles.

Another added feature? This model also has a heating option to help melt away that pent-up stress.

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8. Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salts

Sometimes the best end to a long day at the office or a tough round at the gym looks simply like a long soak in a warm tub. Epsom salts are known for their anti-inflammatory claims to reduce pain symptoms and ease tension throughout the muscles and can be a great option to add to a stress-relieving bath.

Whether or not epsom salts truly work the way they claim is up for a bit of debate (more research may be needed to support some of the claims), but these ones smell like lavender and that’s always a good thing.

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