The 11 Best Hikes Near Vancouver

August 5, 2014 - 5 minutes read

It’s no secret that the hiking in Vancouver is spectacular and these trails are no exception. With each hike being located within an hour or two of driving distance from downtown Vancouver, there’s really no reason not to get out and explore your city!

Easy Hikes

Relatively short and easy hikes that still offer great views and a good workout.

Lighthouse Park

1. Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver

A very easy trek to some breathtaking views of downtown Vancouver, this hike can easily be done in a few hours and boasts a number of great viewpoints along the way. Grab a trail map at the head of the trail to plan your route before you head in.

Dog Mountain

2. Dog Mountain, Mount Seymour

The Dog Mountain trail is very well travelled and can be done throughout the year with hiking boots or snowshoes and offers one of the best views of downtown Vancouver for the least amount of hiking; and, of course, it’s dog friendly!

Moderate Hikes

More challenging terrain to higher summits and higher heart rates.

Camping at Black Tusk - Garibaldi Lake

3. Garibaldi Lake, Whistler

After about 6km of hiking up a very well maintained path of switchbacks, you reach a junction to head left to Taylor Meadows or right to the beautiful turquoise lake you see above. Spend the day here and bring your bathing suit for a cold dip before you head back.

Hollyburn Mountain

4. Hollyburn Mountain, Cypress Mountain

The 360 degree view at the peak of Hollyburn will simply blow you away on a clear day (but don’t forget your bug spray). With ample space to roam around and take photos at the top, the entire length of this hike is incredibly picturesque.

5. Eagle Bluffs, Cypress Mountain

Don’t let the initial uphill scare you off; while the first leg of this trail is a steep climb across large gravel, the rewarding view of the city and surrounding islands make the trudge entirely worth it. Don’t forget to stop at Cabin Lake along the way for a quick dip!

Diez Vistas

6. Diez Vistas, Port Moody

Diez Vistas is perfectly named as the trail boasts 10 beautiful spots to view Buntzen Lake and the surrounding areas (though we’ve always struggled to find #3…). With a challenging but doable slope leading up to the cluster of viewpoints, Diez Vistas can be done as a full 15km loop or as an out-and-back after the first few vistas if you’re short on time.

St. Mark's Summit

7. St. Mark’s Summit, Cypress Mountain

If a gorgeous view of Howe Sound is what you’re after, you can’t find much better than that at the peak of St. Mark’s Summit. Though it’s a rocky trail that can get a bit muddy after a rain spell, this hike is well worth putting on your bucket list.

Challenging Hikes

Longer and tougher hikes to phenomenal views.

The Chief

8. Stawamus Chief, Squamish

Sure you could take the tram up to the adjacent peak but what fun is that? Feel that sense of accomplishment at the top by hiking one, two, or all three peaks of the Stawamus Chief.

Goat Mountain

9. BCMC to Goat Mountain, Grouse Mountain

Make the Goat Mountain hike longer and more challenging by starting your trek with the BCMC; the less congested sister trail to the Grouse Grind. Continue your way to the top of Goat Mountain to find stunning views of Vancouver, the surrounding mountains and Mt. Baker in the far distance.

Black Tusk

10. Black Tusk, Squamish-Lillooet

Depending on your hiking ability and eagerness to reach the stunning view above, you can hike Black Tusk in a day; however, it will be a very long day as the start-to-finish route measures 29kms. If you prefer to camp overnight, both Taylor Meadows and Garibaldi Lake are incredible spots to set up your tent (but don’t forget your backcountry camping permit!)

Looking to camp overnight? Get more info on camping at Black Tusk.


11. The Binkert Lions, Lions Bay

The Lions are a scenic staple in Vancouver but a bit of a challenge to reach. Routing through three very distinct terrains, this 8 hour out-and-back hike is one of the tougher treks in the city but if you can make it to the top, the view won’t disappoint.