10,000 Steps Challenge

May 1, 2015 - 2 minutes read

The Challenge

Use the printable below to set slowly-increasing goals for yourself and work your way up to 10000 steps. Once you complete your 10000 Steps Challenge, continue on with your success and aim to hit that goal every single day moving forward.

10000 Steps Challenge

Tips to Reach Your Goal:

1) Park further away

Even little changes like adjusting how far away you park from your destination can help you get in those extra steps. Choose a stall that’s on the outskirts of the parking lot or leave your car an extra block away from your house and walk the rest of the way.

2) Take the stairs

Stairs count as steps too so forgo that elevator ride and opt for a bit of a leg workout by taking a turn on the original stair-master.

“I live in an apartment building that doesn’t let you onto your floor from the stairwell so to adapt to that, I just walk up to the nearest cross-over floor and take the elevator the remainder of the way.”

3) Take your lunch to-go

Working a walk into your lunch break at work will give you a nice boost of energy in the middle of the day and can keep you from indulging too heavily at noon. Get a couple co-workers involved and you might just set in motion a healthy-living initiative!

“I had a client who started walking by herself every lunch-hour at work and slowly it turned into a company-wide event. Every day around noon she had numerous people come up to her with their running shoes asking when she was planning on going for her walk that day!”

4) Set an alarm

If you have a desk job and find that time flies while you’re at your computer, set a little alarm to go off every hour and use that as a reminder to get up and go for a walk around the office. This would also be a great reminder to grab a bit of water!

Good luck, everyone, and happy exercising!