How Women Burn Calories in France

May 2, 2012 - 1 minute read

Enough with the science-based stuff for a second here, it’s time to let loose with these ladies in this very cute – and very cheeky – ad by Contrex Water based out of France:

[youtube height=”475″ width=”640″][/youtube]


It just proves that you don’t have to go all out for hours at a time to get a good workout in every day!

Try using the stairs rather than taking the escalator, walk that extra block to the next bus stop, take a stroll around the office to take a break from work and all of a sudden you’ve been active during an otherwise sedentary day!

If you take nothing else from this commercial (aside from a bit of a laugh, of course), take with you the knowledge that you can do some good for your body anywhere, at any time – regardless of whether or not there’s a row of pretty pink bikes set up for your entertainment.